Monthly Archives: September 2016

What’s inside the mammary gland – the fast version!

Russ recently was part of┬áthe University of Sydney’s Dairy Research Symposium in Wagga Wagga at Charles Sturt University. As part of the meeting we were able to demonstrate to dairy producers and others just what is inside the udder!

Full credit to the folks at the Australian Broadcasting Corporation for creating this fast-view version!


Just published – an alternative way to measure cell growth in the mammary glands!

Endocrinology. 2016 Aug 29:en20161480. Technical Communication: A convenient method for evaluating epithelial cell proliferation in the whole mammary glands of female mice.

Berryhill GE1, Brust-Mascher I2, Huynh JT1, Famula TR1, Reardon C2, Hovey RC1.

Published with colleagues in the UCDavis School of Veterinary Medicine. Grace Berryhill is a PhD student in Animal Biology; Jill Huynh is an undergraduate intern in the Hovey lab.